Woodman: Junbo has been wrapped and Guo Guangping shows warm heart.

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The film Woodman: Junbo finally has been wrapped after over two-month shooting. Under the leadership of Publicity Department of Fujian Provincial Committee, the film is co-presented by Fujian Radio & Television Network, the Straits Publishing & Distributing Group, Fujian BRNG, Fujian Film Studio, S&C Pictures Co., Ltd and Fujian Zhuzi Pictures Co., Ltd.
From the beginning of the preparatory period to the end of the shooting, many parties focus on and support the film Woodman: Junbo in which a group of outstanding artistic talents work together. Adhering to the attitude of striving for excellence, the main creative team repeatedly scrutinizes each scene and each dialogue in the process of shooting. The team aims to realize the real language of the film, the real performance of the actors and the truth of the details. Finally, they can convey the spirit of Comrade Liao Junbo, the "National Excellent County Party Secretary" to the audience in better ways.
Woodman: Junbo is a cinematic film adapted from Junbo’s advanced deeds. It is said that Comrade Liao Junbo was in politics for more than 20 years. He was a dedicated and sincere official. He pursued the good fortune of the people until he died for public service. The protagonist Guo Guangping is the national first-class actor. Although he has won the best actor award for good acting in many works, Guo Guangping still feels a lot of pressure on how to restore the role of "Liao Junbo". In order to understand the role more deeply, Guo Guangping visited the place where Secretary Liao Junbo had worked, and had a lot of exchanges with his relatives, colleagues, leaders and friends of Liao Junbo.
During the filming process, Guo Guangping completely integrated himself into the character and was also moved by the spirit of Liao Junbo in the further filming. He says that the spirit of Junbo is not single but is rich and three-dimensional. Secretary Liao Junbo was a person full of the power of faith. Loyal to the party, he was a good cadre who served the people wholeheartedly and always put the party's cause and the party's work in the first place. He was a good man who always respected his parents, loved his wife and daughter. His always worked happily. Like a sun, he conveyed his own heat and his positive emotions to everyone around him.
After the film Woodman: Junbo is finished, it will enter into the post-editing stage. Guo Guangping also expressed his expectation for the final work. Its hoped that this film can carry forward the spirit of Zhuzi culture-oriented Junbo who adhered to the party spirit and came from a good family in northern Fujian.
It is said that a good work can’t be separated from a good script and the hard work of the creators. The film Woodman: Junbo is such a good one with a super script, talented actors and an excelsior creative team. After the editing and coloring of the post-team, the film will reportedly be released on July 1st, 2018.


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